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All auditionee's must prepare one song to sing in their solo audition. The character resource list below should inform you which song to prepare based on which role you are auditioning for.

Character Resources


Song Details:

It’s all in Reach


Song Details:

Here and Now

One verse and one chorus. Please also prepare an 80s-style song that suits your vocal range or similar style.


Song Details:


One verse and one chorus. Please also prepare an 80s-style song that suits your vocal range or similar style.


Please prepare an 80s-style song that suits your vocal range or similar style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still unclear about auditioning?
We hope we’ve answered any questions you might have had about the show, auditions and how to book in for an audition. But just in case we haven’t, here are a few additional things you might want to know. If you are still unclear, please send us a message.

What if I’m not auditioning for a specific role?
No problem. If you are not going for any particular part you will still need to be prepared to sing the song, know the script and know the choreography of the parts that you will select on the audition form (you can select as few or many as you like).

Do I have to prepare a script fragment?
Not this time! Those auditioning for titled roles may be requested to do a cold read during their audition.

Does this show have an age requirement?
We require all cast to be at least 16 years of age as of the 11th of August, 2024. If you have any questions about our age requirement, you can contact us.

What if I can’t attend all rehearsals?
While it is essential that we have full commitment during the rehearsal period, there are often unavoidable clashes. If there are any rehearsals you will not be available for, let us know on your audition form and if we are able to, we will try to work these into the schedule.

What if I’m unavailable for the audition date?
It is important that those wanting to audition be available for the dance audition on Friday, 7th of June, solo auditions on Saturday, 8th of June and solo auditions and callbacks on Sunday 9th of June. If you absolutely cannot make these dates, please contact us and we will see if we are able to fit you in another time before the scheduled audition date – we make no promises. 

Do I have to fill in an online audition form?
It is preferable. We have included an online audition form to save paper and to make things easier for everyone, but you are able to fill one out when you turn up to audition if you prefer, however, you will need to book an audition time by contacting us.

What is the rehearsal timeframe?
Rehearsals will take place from August 11th on Monday and Wednesday evenings and Sundays during the day from 1pm. Cast will be required to commit to these rehearsals unless exceptions are agreed to in advance.
If you have any questions about the rehearsal schedule, you can contact us.

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